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Malaysia's 20 million latex gloves help to fight Ebola virus

Reported by some TV international news:


Malaysia plans to provide five countries in West Africa with 20 million pairs of disposable latex gloves for fighting Ebola virus. It is reported that up to now, Ebola Virus has caused more than 2,400 person's death, most of them are doctors and nurses. One of the reasons thant can not effectively prevent the epidemic is lacking of protective equipment. eg:non-woven face mask , powdered free vinyl glove.    Recently, some of medical staffs  in Liberia are striking to protest the lack of medical protective equipment.
disposable latex gloves
Malaysia's 20 million latex gloves help to fight Ebola virus
In this case, the Malaysian authorities announced that in the near future, they will sent 11 containers of latex gloves to West Africa. each container can carry 1.9 million pairs of gloves. However, Malaysia did not talk about the payment of the shipping fee of those gloves. Malaysia is the world's largest producer of latex gloves, 60 percent of the world's latex gloves are manufactured in Malaysia.

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