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new material or recycle material of hdpe glove

New Material:The new plastic material means never used new plastic granule, The performance is comply with plastic properties table.


Recycle material, also known as renewable materials, which is the waste material when in production, or the material after use. Many materials can be processed to recycled materials. Like ldpe, hdpe, pvc, etc.


new material  recyle material


The first one is new material. the next is recycle material.


Plastic is a polymer material,The new material if used once the molecular weight will be reduced 30% on theoretical, namely that a 30% reduction on various properties of the material, Although some factroies add some auxiliaries in the recycle material when in produce HDPE glove.variety performance of the disposable pe glove increased. but still not comparable with new materials. 


How recognize New Material and Recycle material when is made of disposable glove.


1, Check the appearance  luster of the product,if the surface is shiny, beautiful and probably done by the new material , and vice versa. 
2,Measure the performance of the indicators, the new material is almost the same as physical form indicator,if with little difference.it's done by new material. then recycle material. 

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