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How to choose disposable Non woven face mask

disposable face maskface mask
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There are many kinds of disposable face mask in the market. so when choose it. we must according to the working environment and the working industry.
First,we could refer to the concentration of dust and toxic. According to GB / T18664 "respirator selection, use and maintenance". as a half mask respirators, All disposable non woven face mask are suitable for all hazardous concentrations of no more than 10 times the occupational exposure limit of environment, otherwise you should use full face mask or protective rating higher respirator.
If the particles are highly then toxic substances, carcinogens and radioactive, you should choose the highest level of filtration efficiency of the filter material.
If the particles with oil, be sure to select the appropriate filter material.
If the needle fiber particles, such as slag wool, asbestos, glass fibers,because of dust masks  can not be washed , glue tiny fibers in the face mask facial seal area could easily lead to irritation to the face, not suitable for use.

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