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Powdered vinyl glove VS powdered free vinyl glove

Vinyl glove also named PVC glove, which contains Powdered vinyl glove and Powdered free vinyl glove.

Vinyl glove in production.


vinyl glove package.



Vinyl glove Feature
1,Non-toxic, No color difference, no any other material , regardless of left right.
2,Easy to wear and comfortable, with anti-static property, uniform color, quality assurance. 
3,Allergen-free, low ionic content. no plasticizers, esters, silicone oils and other ingredients,  strong anti-chemical featuer. 
4,Good flexibility and touch feeling, anti-acid, anti-oil, anti-penetration, anti-bacterial. 
Powdered vinyl glove VS powdered free vinyl glove:
Each coin has two sides.Powdered vinyl glove VS powdered free vinyl glove are no exception.

1,Powdered vinyl glove--Normallly add talcum powder when in production.which made its easy to wear compared with Powdered free vinyl glove.

But powder has great effect on the environment and the touched products.so under the  clean environment or the environment itself with little dust.we are using  powdered free vinyl glove always.


2,Because Powdered vinyl glove add a material so it's always higher on the price to powdered free vinyl glove.when in the same gramme and size.

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