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Protective CPE Gowns, Open Back With Thumb Loop Cuff

This section cpe gown, long sleeves, cuffs open, with Thumb Loop Cuff; very comfortable sleeve length and waist strap.    
Over the neck, thumb opening and one tie at the waist.  Waist tie, neck band, thumb hole anti-bacterial waterproof and oily! Antibacterial and deodorant.
Box of individually wrapped gowns. which is nice when you need to grab one and go. Works very well when you use  these cpe gowns for home care duty with your family. 
My wife (short) and I (tall) both use these gowns for home care duty with her mother. Bought this brand cause other ones we tried were junk, they are not tore easily and  protect from liquids very well. 
You will  love these gowns, when you make soap and use lye in the making of soap. When pouring the lye flakes lye dust fly around and if you was tired of getting lye burns. With these cpe gowns, face mask, face shield, and disposable pe glove you will  no longer get lye burns.
CPE Gown widely used in various household, food industry, suitable for home kitchen, food processing conditioning, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, clean rooms and industrial sectors. It is also a good helper kitchen cleaning, waterproof protection, new plastic and no smell, it is an ideal disposable hygiene products!

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